Copyright and Permissions

Jim Popenoe

All pages and photos on this site are copyrighted, but intended for your use and enjoyment. I want you to get as much good as you can from my web site without inconvenience, but I also need to protect the authors' rights.

What everyone may do

  1. You may personally download, examine and play with my web pages, photos and maps on your personal computer as you wish.
  2. You may print my web pages with a printer that you own as long as the content is not altered and the attribution appears intact.
  3. You may bring print-outs of my web pages with you while sight-seeing or hiking.

Copyright restrictions - The photographers and authors named on each web page are the original creators and we retain all rights.  Except as listed above, please do not copy or publish without permission. To copy means to make a physical or electronic duplicate.  To publish means to convey to others outside your home in a physical form such as a paper, flyer or book, or in an electronic form such as a media disk, presentation or web posting separate but derived from the original web content.

Special permissions - If you have a special circumstance and you wish to use content from my web site in a way not listed above, please ask my permission.  If I grant permission to publish, it normally expires in six months.  That allows you time to create or to commission your own original content for your circumstance if you have a long-term need.  To see if we are likely to mutually agree on terms, please see my general guidelines for use.